There is a good reason why mystery books are one of the most popular literary genres. If you have not given the genre a go, you should definitely give it a go. It will not only engage you but will also give you a handful of mental benefits. One is that it gives your brain some workout. Reading about mystery makes you want to help the main character in finding out solutions to conflicts. This way, your mind will exercise by thinking of answers. Like any other book from other genres, you will also gain cognitive skills, such as comprehension skills, which can be a crucial skill in life. If you are looking for some must-read mystery books, this article is just for you. The following are some of the books that take you on a crazy thrill adventure:

Gone Girl By Gillian Flynn

If you are a fan of a story that will constantly surprise you, this book is just for you. Gone Girl is a mix of both crime and mystery genres published back in mid-2012. This novel has gained a lot of reviews that will surely make you want to read it. It soon made it to the New York Times Best Seller List. This book tackles a wide range of topics, including dishonesty in a marriage, the media, and the economy in general. It follows the story of a married couple, Nick Dunne and his wife Amy who had a sudden disappearance. She created a fake diary that will lead the police and the public to blame her husband for her disappearance. The narrative will surely blow your mind.  This book was later adapted into a movie, which also gained a lot of good reviews

A Major Hurdle by Patricia Sims

This next one is a page-turner. A Major Hurdle is following a tale shadowed by a mysterious turn of events. However, this does not only revolve around one theme. It also has romance as a subgenre. Love and mystery in one book? Who does not want to read that, right? It starts with Catherine Adams finding love with a college professor when a sudden event happened. This book also goes about faith and trust, which subjects you can learn a lot from. The overshadowed mystery on Major Hurdle will give you a whole new level of surprise, very different from the ones you’ve read before. If you want to read more,

The Postman Always Rings Twice by James M. Cain

This 1934 mystery and crime novel are involved in violence and sexuality. For this, it is said to have been banned from some of the states in the US. However, this is also considered to be one of the must-read books for tackling timely and sensitive topics. This is a story of Frank Chambers and a married woman Cora Papadakis who fell in love with each other. Because of Cora’s marriage, their relationship turns out to be complicated. They plotted a plan to break the marriage apart. This one is definitely a classic.

In the Woods by Tana French

In the Woods follows two detectives as they take on a case in Ireland, where a young girl is found dead. The detectives, Cassie and Rob, find out a horrifying truth that will surely blow the readers’ minds. You will get an in-depth grasp of how they uncover the secrets. This psychological and dark, and twisted mystery book will make you turn your pages non-stop. If you are the kind of reader who loves to experience shock and surprise, this should be your reading queue. This also gained a lot of praise for how stunning the novel is written.

The Alienist by Caleb Carr

You may have heard of it before; it was adapted into a Netflix Orginal Series. This story takes the readers back to 1980, where a crime reporter takes on a hideous serial killing that includes teenage boys. This is also one of the dark and twisted books that are mentioned in this article. It disturbingly features everything that mystery and suspense fans would want to read. You can surely finish this book in one or two sittings for its great story.

Overall, if you have not started to read mystery novels, you should kick start it by reading the books included above. These can surely send chills down your spine.








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