Creating Mystery in Your Novel: the Do’s and Don’ts

Mystery is one of the most popular genres for years now. People seem to can not get over it. There are a lot of good reasons for this, though. This genre is not just entertaining but can provide readers many benefits. If there is a genre that will live the fire forever, it is this genre. Planning to write a mystery novel? You’ve come to the best place. This blog will give some tips and tricks on how you can achieve great mystery in your novel.

Do Research the Genre

The familiarity with the genre of your story plays a big role in making your work stand-out and captures the attention of the readers. Nobody would want to read a book with a cover that screams suspense but the content is far from it. So, start researching about the common elements, organizational patterns, dos and don’ts, and etc. You may also want to read some books that are categorized as suspense-thrillers so that you can observe how they were written. You can also read other books. This will help you gain substantial insights into how you can create your own. Check out the works of Patricia Sims, it can surely help you meet the techniques. Plus, the unique love on a Major Hurdle book by Patricia Sims is something that you cannot miss.

Don’t tell the clues.

Make your readers wait. This is always the best thing to remember when it comes to story writing. There is always a need for you to summon your creative juices and polish your writing style. In order to arrive at a captivating and impactful novel, you must impress your readers by showing them the events through their imagination. Since it the story will be under the romance-suspense category, what you need to do is to leave the clues in different parts of the plot. You must do it in the most low-key way possible, the way that readers will not see them quickly.

Do Develop Your Characters

One of the most powerful elements in your narrative is your characters. Its power lies behind the fact that without it, the story will not have its progress and even get started. Hence, it is the force that brings your story forward. So, do your best into bringing your characters to life and make them stand-out from others. In your story, show the readers their inner and outer traits because that is the best way to make the readers fall in love with your characters and perhaps turn them into avid fans. Also, make sure that your characters can take your readers into the action-packed world that you have created; and, make them experience what it’s like living like one of them.

Don’t write a predictable sequence of events

Readers like to predict happenings. You cannot really find an escape route from their hawk eyes. One of the things that they hate is a predictable plot. Hence, that is what you need to avoid. You are writing not just to express but also to satisfy the needs of your readers by presenting them with a good story. But, when you hand them a tale with events that they can foresee — they would easily lose interest and perhaps shove your book aside.

Overall, the mystery in your novel is important in every type of story, not just mysteries and suspense. The last time you stayed up into the wee hours of the morning, what was it that transformed your normally practical, serene self into an obsessive page-turning maniac? I’m willing to bet this month’s royalties it was something mysterious. The writer was teasing you with the inaccessibility of crucial information. In short, you fell under the spell of that burning question: What’s gonna happen next?

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